100 days of cross-country skiing for a good cause

As a yoga instructor, Mélisande Turpin has to promote herself regularly on the social media. In order to give back to the community, the young woman is sharing her visibility…

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Where to practise yoga in and near Mont-Tremblant

Yoga has undergone a resilient transformation during the many healthrelated interruptions that had practitioners turning to online yoga, private groups and outdoor sessions. Following the definitive closure of the Karma…

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Namasté, Ratatouille and Picasso

Namasté and Ratatouille They’re back! The Namasté et Ratatouille summer camp (yoga and cooking) invites young people to discover wellbeing and the art of cooking in the delightful surroundings of…

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Let’s play dirty

If I am sweaty, dirt-streaked and disheveled after a good workout, I’m happy. I like getting dirty. Fortunately, the opportunities to get muddy and messy (and have fun doing so)…

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A skating rink on Lac Raynaud

It’s a first in over 20 years for the Domaine Saint-Bernard! You can now skate on a rink about one kilometre in length on Lac Raynaud. Early in the season,…

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Domaine Saint-Bernard shapes its future

By Dominique Laverdure, President of the Fiducie du Domaine Saint-Bernard. After more than a year spent working on it, the Domaine Saint-Bernard revealed its master plan on November 12. The…

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New horizons for Mont- Tremblant cross-country skiing

For its 46th birthday, Ski de fond Mont- Tremblant (SFMT) is giving itself a whole new playground at the Manitou golf course. It’s a big change for the organization, which…

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The secrets of Lac Raynaud

Did you know that Lac Raynaud is a headwater lake and that it flows into two of this region’s important watersheds: Lac Ouimet and the Diable River? A headwater lake…

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The common snapping turtle

Did you know that Lac Raynaud has been home to a couple of snapping turtles for some years? The snapping turtle is the largest freshwater turtle in Canada. It is…

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The Canada goose and the Domaine Saint-Bernard

In spring, we hear the calls of the Canada geese; the sound announces a transformative time for nature, with warmth and longer days. Did you know that those birds can…

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