Growing bolder

Birthdays mark that we’re another year older. They can also mark another year stronger. As my birthday-meter strikes 63 this month, I am choosing stronger. Birthday fitness I share my…

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Ask yourself why

What’s your “why”? What drives you to want to change? To move better? To work out? To get healthy? After three decades as a kinesiologist and strength and conditioning coach,…

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Opportunity knocks

Sometimes opportunity knocks softly on a door. And sometimes, it takes a lead boot and kicks the door in, demanding that we pay attention. As the new year dawns in…

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A whale of a story

The follow-up to the article “A journey home” which appeared in our August’ 2021 issue   “Though she be but little she is fierce.” Shakespeare’s well-known line from A Midsummer…

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The Mont-Tremblant area in living colour

Every season has a special beauty in the Laurentian Mountains, but nothing beats the vibrant colours of fall. Especially when seen from a mountain top. Add the bonus that all…

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Winging it

In 1978, a number of elite athletes were debating who were more fit: swimmers, bikers or runners. To settle the dispute, they decided to stitch the three disciplines into an…

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Demi Marathon Mont-Tremblant returns this summer

It’s time to reconnect It’s finally time to fet back together…to reconnect with friends, family and the community. As one of the first live running events in Québec since the…

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Tennis anyone?

Love means nothing… Although I have never much cared what anyone thought of my athletic prowess (or lack thereof), I have found the older I get, the less I care….

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Let’s play dirty

If I am sweaty, dirt-streaked and disheveled after a good workout, I’m happy. I like getting dirty. Fortunately, the opportunities to get muddy and messy (and have fun doing so)…

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Outside our back door

I’m an absolute slug when it comes to climbing uphill. Biking, running, snowshoeing. Pick a sport. I shine on the descent, not the ascent. And that is why I did…

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