Feed the planet or the community?

My dictaphone is overheated and my pen is out of breath, but Julien Clot is tireless. On his family lands in Labelle, he holds forth about the future of food…

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Leggings and our planet

Is there a link between leggings – those beloved sports clothing items – and our planet? Here’s a story that helps us to see things more clearly. Once upon a…

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The ingenious beaver

The beaver, Canada’s official emblem, which is engraved on our five cent pieces, is an engineer by nature and of nature. The dams it makes on streams and rivers model…

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La Ferme de l’Aube; Vegan farming in Boileau

The gardener’s life is more than a second career for Mélanie and Jimmy; it’s a way of life that keeps them in contact with the earth. Since 2015 they have…

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