Discovering local vegetables

Summer’s almost here and we finally have a wider variety of fresh, local vegetables. Here’s a short overview of what our soil will provide in the coming weeks, and how…

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Snacks for individual sports

Are you enjoying training with the summer ahead in mind? Whether you’re a cyclist, runner or hiker, here are a few favourite energy snacks, tested and approved by several clients…

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Local syrups

Springtime is sugar time! In spite of the current crisis, which changes our sugar shack experience, we can still make a point of encouraging our local producers by stocking up…

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Good for you

This year, like every year, March is Nutrition Month®. The theme this year targets individual strategies, as the science of nutrition requires that everyone’s diet be tailored to suit that…

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Eating local in winter

Were you aware that the United Nations General Assembly declared 2021 the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables? Whether for their health-related benefits or to reduce our ecological footprint, one…

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Eating well in the Holiday Season

Ah! The fabulous Holiday Season – when consuming too much food and alcohol is almost inevitable – is coming up fast. As you probably know, it’s not always easy to…

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The vegan athlete

The Vegan movement is a form of vegetarianism that eliminates consumption of all foods derived from animal sources. Whether for environmental, ethical or health reasons, this lifestyle is gaining ground,…

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Nutritional discoveries

This spring, what would you say to integrating some new local, nutritional foods into your menu? Working with Miriam Nicoll, nutritionist and grocer at the Marché & Bistro fermiers aux…

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CrossFit: Optimize recovery

Optimize recovery after a CrossFit session CrossFit is a specialized training method: relatively short, but super intense. Locals from the region love their motivating experience, in which going beyond their…

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