The ingenious beaver

The beaver, Canada’s official emblem, which is engraved on our five cent pieces, is an engineer by nature and of nature. The dams it makes on streams and rivers model…

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The intelligence of the raven

In a Hallowe’en context, the raven represents the incarnation of evil, damned souls and Satan. At one time, in Europe, a dead raven was nailed to the door of a…

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The loon, a special symbol in Canada

The loon – which has several names, including “great northern diver” – is one of Canada’s best representatives of the wildness of nature. It is on our dollar coin and…

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The grey squirrel through the seasons

In the eastern part of North America, from Florida to the Lower Laurentians, the grey squirrel is a well-known resident of deciduous woods and mixed forests, city parks and suburban…

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A star of Animalium: the impressive urubu à tête rouge

According to the bird book Atlas des oiseaux nicheurs du Québec, “since the discovery of a nest in Rigaud in 1986 – the very first in Quebec – the urubu…

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The legendary wolverine

It’s not without reason that the wolverine is the subject of myth and legend. The physical attributes and way of life of this northern animal feed into the most fantastic…

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The spectacular red cardinal

In the depths of winter, the brilliant plumage of a scarlet bird brightens up our gardens, drawn by our bird feeders. It’s the red cardinal, so named because of its…

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Groundhog Day

According to a tradition imported from Europe and launched in the United States in 1887, February 2 marks the day that watchers can predict how much longer winter will last…

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Our cheeky Canada jay

This bird, a permanent resident of Canada’s coniferous forests and North America’s boreal forests, has been suggested for our country’s national bird. It is quite tame, sturdy, and particularly intelligent….

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Can a flying squirrel really fly?

When night falls, a squirrel with big black eyes starts moving through the forest, sometimes visiting bird feeders. It’s a flying squirrel. To see it launch itself from one tree…

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