Pick a peak

Fresh, crisp autumn air. Warm sun on your face. The earthy aroma of damp moss, mushrooms, and needle-covered paths. A mountain range painted by Mother Nature in every hue of…

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A treetop trail trek

Nestled in Canada’s largest mixed forest, the Treetop Walk Laurentides in Mont-Blanc is right in our backyard, and is an absolute must-visit. Nothing like it Wendy Allen and Jennifer Laframboise…

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An invitation to rucking

If, at the age of 30, I was in great shape, I owed it more to walking and hiking than to time spent in the gym and to competitive sports….

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Foraging fitness

I had no idea that the wild berries I found on the edge of a forest would lead to a foraging adventure…. An unexpected treat I spied the tiny plump…

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Exploring the land by RV

Recreational vehicles, more commonly known as RVs, campers or trailers, are increasingly visible on our highways in summer. They have as many destinations as they do itineraries. Fully equipped, these…

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Exploring winter trails

My first attempt at cross-country skiing several years ago was memorable, but not for the reasons one would expect. The day started well. It was a brisk winter morning and…

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Dark moments

What’s more inspiring than to witness someone give everything they’ve got to complete a challenge? Other than being that “someone”, not too much. To me, there is value in digging…

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Hit the trails!

December is an excellent month because it coincides, for many of us, with the start of the season for cross-country skiing and other winter sports. Again this year, Ski de…

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Springtime in Norway

    Yves Payer must be directionally challenged. In April, when the snows recede from the eastern mountains of Canada and hints of warmth touch the air, Quebecers are inclined…

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