On the edge

Ice skating is an iconic Canadian sport. It is breathtaking in its beauty. And while I have always found it awe-inspiring to watch, I have never tied on a pair of skates. Never. However, with the new community rink installed in the centre of Mont- Tremblant, it almost seemed criminal not to give it a try.

Rookie tip

If you are going to learn to ice skate in your 60s, find some friends who know what they are doing. Then, see if you can convince the best skater in town to tutor you.

We met at the new community rink on rue de Saint-Jovite. A crew of hockey moms, ice dancers, a gleeful mix of enthusiastic athletes and the one and only Sandy Paquette. As a trainer and choreographer for the Club de patinage artistique de Mont Tremblant since 2005, Sandy is a fixture in our skating community. She doesn’t just skate, she dances on ice.

Spaghetti spaghetti macaroni

My primary goal was not to break my arm. Sandy had other plans: I was going to learn to skate. Sandy allowed me one loop pushing a chair to find my balance. Then she took my hands, told me to look into her eyes, find my center of gravity and begin with small steps.

She skated backwards as I lurched forward, my eyes locked on hers. Around and around the rink we went. Sandy let go of my hands. And with that, I was skating. It wasn’t pretty. But it sure was fun. My only regret? Why did it take me six decades to try it…?

Our frozen playground

With outdoor community rinks, frozen lakes and ponds at every turn, the season practically begs you to skate. I know I’ll be back on the blades. Join me?


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Cathy Bergman est devenue athlète de façon inopinée à un âge relativement avancé. Elle nous montre qu’il n'est jamais trop tard pour retrouver la santé et la forme. Cathy Bergman is an accidental athlete who found health and fitness late in life. She shows us that is never too late to get healthy and fit.


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