Virtual reality at Tremblant

A virtual reality centre will open at Tremblant in December,just in time for the Holidays. Thanks to augmented reality visualization helmets and other leading-edge technical equipment that produces sound effects and three-dimensional visual effects, participants will be able to “live” rather unusual experiences.

Some of the more contemplative experiences will permit virtual exploration of practically anywhere in the world, as if one were there.

Others will required the participant to manipulate, virtually, a paintbrush or laser sword. Thrill-seekers will be able to travel roller coasters on a seat that behaves in a way that matches the movement of the course, or to walk on a narrow plank suspended several metres above the ground.

Who will be able to race down the winding slopes without shouting out…or even screaming? Will vertigo take over the most daring?

Whatever the participant’s reaction, you can bet that those accompanying the participant will have lots of fun watching their friend.

Three types of activities of various lengths will be available from opening day, including a demonstration room allowing the visitor to be initiated into virtual reality.

Egg-shaped structures able to accommodate two people at a time will reproduce the effect of a riding school, a space flight or other experiences based on movement.

The interactive stations will allow up to four participants to play in turn. In addition to keeping up with new technological possibilities, Réalité Virtuelle Tremblant will continually renew the thirty or so experiences offered and could eventually provide an educational section.

Craig Ewart, who brings this new activity to Tremblant, is pleased to offer an affordable experience, accessible to children aged six and over as well as to those with reduced mobility.

While his target market is primarily young people, he wants to attract people of all ages as well as a corporate clientele.

In fact, the space will be available for rent for children’s parties and group activities. In the less busy seasons, packages with a restaurant meal will be offered, as well as discounts for mountain employees and Mont-Tremblant residents.



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