Holiday visitor trends in Mont-Tremblant


The Holidays at the end of the year, an important time if there is one, usually allow hoteliers and property managers to rent out almost all their rooms and units. This year, the uncertainty over the restrictions that the government could impose at any time is contributing to the “last minute” tendency. Let’s take a look at how the Mont-Tremblant accommodation industry is adapting to this singular situation.

“In December 2019, the revenues generated by Mont-Tremblant hotel establishments having four rooms or more amounted to more than $12.5 million and the daily occupation rates were between 85 per cent and 100 per cent,” says Daniel Blier, managing director of Tourisme Mont-Tremblant. “It goes without saying that this period represents a significant source of revenue for our members, as well as for our community,” he affirms.

The last-minute tendency

At this point, reservations are going well, particularly for Christmas week. The periods preceding and following that week are seeing a drop of 30 to 40 per cent in demand compared to previous years. It’s a situation that is not really worrying David Proulx, property manager with Tremblant Prestige, a company that specializes in ski-in/ski-out properties.

“Reservations are fewer than last year for the weeks before and after Christmas,” Mr. Proulx notes. “My impression is that everything will come in at the last minute, when the situation is less fluid.”

“The trend is much more last-minute than what we’re used to,” confirms Vincent Leblanc, director of sales for Fairmont Tremblant. “But we remain confident. We noticed this trend all summer and through the fall, as well.”

Suzanne Fyfe, owner of Tremblant à louer (Tremblant for rent), mentions that the current trend in terms of the number of reservations closely reflects those of past years. “I’m not the least bit concerned. It looks good,” she observes.

Cancellation policies loosened

To reassure their customers, the property managers questioned have adapted their cancellation policies. Until now the policies were fairly restrictive, given the strong demand over a short period of time. It should be noted that most of Québec and Ontario go on holiday at the same time during a period which stretches over two or three weeks.


“It’s currently the first question we’re asked when we make a reservation” David Proulx admits. “For all imminent closures due to a government decision, we reimburse 100 per cent up to the day of arrival.”

Same story at Tremblant à louer, which offers a reimbursement in the event of situations related to requirements from public health authorities. At Fairmont Tremblant, the cancellation period has moved from 60 days to seven days.

Learning to adapt 

Fairmont Tremblant is busy diversifying its offer related to outdoor activities to be ready to adapt if skiing is not possible due to the limited number of lift tickets available.

“We’re working to improve the experience close to the hotel and to accent other activities,” says Vincent Leblanc. “The Holiday programming has been reviewed and our concierges have a wide variety of activities to suggest besides alpine skiing. We have added outdoor fireplaces on our terraces as well as a half-dozen safe Play Snow igloos for the children,” he explains.

It should be noted that the hotel’s family restaurant, which was originally a buffet, has been transformed into an Italian restaurant. There will also be a “boxed meal” available.

In conclusion

In other words, again this year we can expect a strong tourist demand for our destination, ”even greater than last year’s,” according to Mr. Blier. “Since they can’t go south, Quebecers will head for resorts and the outdoors,” says the managing director of Tourisme Mont-Tremblant, who salutes the decision from public health and the efforts of the ASSQ (Québec ski resorts association) that have permitted Quebec ski resorts to remain open.


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