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Ron Di Lauro. © Sian Sene

From August 6 to 8, some great names of Canadian jazz will be in the heart of downtown Mont- Tremblant for a long-awaited return. All are encouraged to come out and discover the current musical projects of one hundred or so artists, with a program offering 30 free concerts.

Every day, festival-goers are invited to five different sites where jazz is king. Starting at noon, the Master’s Class series will feature discussions with the artists. Then it’s the Jazz Lounge series at 2 p.m.; Jazz Apéro at 5 p.m.; jazz Extra at 7 p.m. and lastly, jazz Under the Stars at 9 p.m.

The Jazz Club series will be offering concerts at Pizza et Cie at 6 p.m. and at Hôtel Mont-Tremblant, in the Village district (except on Monday), at 7 p.m. Enjoy the festival!


Angele Dubeau.  © Luc Robitaille

On August 4, 5 and 6, Guillaume Côté will return to the stage before a live audience to offer, initially, the first creation from his company Côté Danse. The work is +(dix), inspired by the mythical odyssey of Ulysses who spent 10 years searching for his country and his own people.

Virtuoso violinist Angèle Dubeau will return in full strength to the FASS, accompanied by La Pieta, for a much-anticipated concert on August 7.

On August 8, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens will close the festival with a mixed program taken from their Envolée au Québec tour. On the virtual side of things, the festival supported the creation of four films pairing dancers with artists.

You will be able to see them on the FASS site, as you will the works selected in the context of FASS Forward, a competitive international festival of short films promoting dance, which launches this year.


Three free concerts this month

It’s all about Kim Richardson (Nominingue)

This icon of jazz and soul, who has won three Juno awards, will be on the outdoor stage of the Nominingue mairie (town hall) on August 14.

Qw4rtz: 4 guys, 2 mics, 2 metres (Domaine Saint-Bernard)

The August 27 concert with Qw4rtz should be all-around outstanding. The quartet will be in Mont-Tremblant for a show where improvisations, special requests, original numbers and exchanges with the public will be featured. Alexandre Da Costa, the violin rock star and artistic director of the Festival will join the Qw4rtz voices for a few pieces. In other words, you don’t want to miss this.

Soirée festive avec Kaïn (Labelle)

Kaïn is without question one of the most highly esteemed groups of Québec’s current music scene. The trio invites the public to a festive event on August 28 at the Labelle Dôme where it will present its new repertoire and its greatest hits. The Festival Stradivaria will continue till September 19.


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