For happy food and wine pairings

The harmony of flavours research.

Over the years, our memories attach to feelings that arouse our emotions. The same thing is true for our taste memory. I remember food and wine pairings so successful that the mouth sensation as a whole provided a delicious taste, which was proof of their sublime harmony.

While bitterness is not desirable in a wine, some delicious foods have that quality. Think of endives, mint, fresh herbs and some spices, such as cumin. In the presence of bitter ingredients, it’s important to avoid wines with forward tannins, as they’ll have the effect of increasing the sensation.

Salty foods, however, are easier to pair. They help to soften the acidity and astringency of the tannins. What’s more, you can pair them with a sweeter wine for a sweet and salty match.

Contrary to general belief, the acidity in a dish does not heighten that of the wine. Thus a ceviche will find in a Sauvignon Blanc enough tension and liveliness for a happy pairing.

Other traditional pairings can guide you

I’m thinking of habitual regional pairings such as Muscadet with oysters or Valpolicella with pizza. Lastly, the season can also guide your choice. Rosés or reds with a more pronounced fruity profile work to accompany summer recipes, whereas more structured wines go well with the simmered dishes we serve on those long winter evenings.

Two wines that pair easily

A Sauvignon Blanc with notes of citrus and freshly cut grass. In the mouth it is refreshing and lightly mentholated.

Château de Pocé, Touraine, 2018   $14.95    SAQ #10689606

Or a Rosso de la Vénétie (from Venice) with delightful fruitiness. Freshness and supple tannins.

Farina, Appassilento, 2017   $16.30    SAQ #13894630


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