Electroshock therapy for Mont-Tremblant businesses

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The Ville de Mont-Tremblant is rolling out the heavy artillery to stimulate business activity in the region, working with business owners as they relaunch and providing people with a festive end-of-lockdown experience. Protection measures, terraces, parking spaces, subsidy program, loosening of the rules and a “buy local” campaign are all part of the summer relaunch.

“The pandemic harmed our commercial environment, which really needed support from the Ville. Increasing restaurant seating by expanding the terraces will be the key that allows the dining rooms to be profitable as they emerge from containment on June 15.

With this step, inspired by the suggestion of a businessman on rue de Saint-Jovite, we hope to give a helping hand to our restaurateurs and to all the business owners who will benefit from the increase in clientele.

The terraces add a lot of ambience to the streets and I am sure that people will appreciate it, and that it will benefit our commercial arteries,” explains Mayor Luc Brisebois.

Terraces on the streets subsidized

Most of the restaurants and food businesses whose premises open onto rue de Saint-Jovite and chemin du Village – other than grocery stores – will be able to enlarge their terrace by using the parking spaces in front of their business.

To do this, the Ville has made use of the Programme d’aide à la construction de terrasses which plans a $55,000 envelope to help restaurateurs.

For each on-street terrace, flower-filled planters will also be provided courtesy of the Ville. In addition to making the commercial streets more attractive, they will function as buttresses to protect customers on the terraces.

Parking and active transportation

To compensate for the loss of parking spaces, the Ville has rented, in the downtown area, the lot where the Couche-Tard used to be (beside the specialty and gourmet foods store Le St-Amour).

The Ville will also make available the land located behind the post office in the Old Village sector. Bicycle racks will also be added on the two commercial arteries to encourage people to adopt active methods of transportation to get to a restaurant or to shop.

Relaxing the rules

Until September 30, the Ville de Mont-Tremblant will loosen its bylaws related to temporary signage, outdoor stalls, terraces on private property, sales counters and promotional events.

During this period, temporary signs (i.e., sandwich boards and others) will not be limited as to number and outdoor stalls will be authorized for all kinds of businesses throughout the territory.

Businesspeople should first present their project to the Service de l’urbanisme (town planning department) by email to urbanisme@villedemont-tremblant.qc.ca or should arrange a meeting by phoning 819 425-8614, ext. 2400. There will be no fees related to obtaining approval.

Health-related measures

Starting June 15, the Ville will be creating one-way sidewalks (in the same direction as road traffic) on the rue de Saint-Jovite between rue Fillion and city hall, and on the chemin du Village between the two ends of the rue du Couvent. Four hand-washing stations will also be set up in the Village and Downtown sectors.

Support for the Greater Mont-Tremblant Chamber of Commerce (CCGMT)

In the context of the pandemic and the economic relaunch, chambers of commerce have a significant role to play, which is why the Ville is providing $10,000 in additional support to the CCGMT so that it can develop a campaign supporting the “buy local” concept.

A sum of $15,000 is also being provided to the Chamber to help local businesses, whether they are members or not, to establish measures of sanitation and protection related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are very happy that the Ville approached the CCGMT to collaborate in the support of local purchasing on the territory of Mont-Tremblant and to participate in putting in place measures of sanitation and protection related to COVID-19,” said Chamber president Mathieu Lapointe.

Implementation of measures to relaunch the economy

To facilitate and accelerate establishment of the various initiatives announced, the Ville has retained the services of consultant Pierre Bertrand, well known in the Mont-Tremblant tourist community, whose mandate will be to accompany, along with the Chamber of Commerce, area businesspeople.

Those who wish to share their proposals to support the relaunch of the economy are invited to contact the Service de développement économique at 819 681-6404.




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