New formula for triathlon cross XTerra Tremblant


On August 27 and 28, more than 200 athletes are expected to be at the Domaine Saint-Bernard to participate in XTerra Tremblant: a “great outdoors” sports event to which something new has been added this year.

In addition to being chosen from among the XTerra series events, to accommodate the provincial championships of triathlon cross, Xterra Tremblant means to swap its mountain bike for a cyclocross this year.


According to race director Patrick Lussier, the mountain bike event has been the determining factor contributing to discouraging the participation of conventional triathlon participants. To offset this problem, the new MixTerra fomat will offer a cycling course on gravel roads.


No more need for suspension, because all types of bikes are welcome…with the exception of road bikes and time trial bikes. Ideal for cyclists who love cycling on gravel roads and earth trails devoid of technical passages.

“The idea is to attract people who do the triathlon on roads and offer them a gentler transition to triathlon cross,” explains Patrick Lussier. “The fact of being able to use a hybrid bike or a cyclocross allows the triathletes to get started in this discipline without the technical aspect of mountain biking, as they experience an event that’s immersed in nature and different from a road triathlon.”

Three events make up the XTerra Tremblant triathlon: the open water swim, the cycling part and the trail run. The duathlon, for its part, has only running and cycling. In either case, participants can opt for the MixTerra formula, taking care to select their distances according to their endurance.

“The Tremblant event is more physical and less technical than the other XTerras in the series,” Patrick Lussier explains. “It’s really a test of cardiovascular capacity. It’s very different from the Xterra of Quebec and that of Bromont, which is super technical. At Tremblant, the beginner has a better chance of staying in the saddle.”

“The courses are fairly similar, although we have introduced a few small improvements to the mountain bike course. As for the run, you couldn’t ask for a better course than the combination of Mont Onontio and Mont Saint-Bernard. It’s really an incredible trail course,” Patrick concludes.


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