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You know what I love? Other than scotch that is. It’s being asked by a Mont-Tremblant tourist to take their picture with their phone or camera. The number of times this has happened is too many to recall. What I do remember are the smiles and “thank-you’s”. Now when I see people taking pictures I offer to be their photographer.

I also enjoy assisting with directions to hotels, ski runs, restaurants and other attractions. I only speak English but have helped visitors from France, Japan, China, Russia, South Korea, Germany and many Spanish-speaking nations. In these cases I use expressive hand gestures and a louder voice.

In every instance the effort is appreciated. Getting a “danke mein herr” from German mountain bikers for providing directions was terrific. Escorting a couple from England down the Johansen Trail who were lost was gratifying. Enjoying a cocktail with an Ironman from San Francisco I gave a ride to was fun.

It’s even more rewarding to go above and beyond. Making recommendations to improve the Mont-Tremblant experience is the job of everyone in the area. We locals have the knowledge that visitors crave. From restaurants to activities to accommodations we have the inside track to make a vacation that much more special.

Many have not heard of or considered exploring the national park or Domaine Saint- Bernard. Cyclists are always grateful to learn of the linear park, Le P’tit train du Nord. The gondola to the casino is a freebee that few take advantage of so I suggest that ride. I take time to explain that the area is comprised of three villages each with their own charm.

This summer I was a tourist in my own town. I experienced the Birds of Prey show and Tonga Lumina each for the first time. Both impressive. I now recommend these experiences to anyone who will listen.

In my career I worked for the famous advertising agency, DDB. One of its founders said, “Word of mouth is the best medium of all.” Our area competes globally for tourists, for those seeking a second home or contemplating a place to retire. Positive word of mouth is crucial. We depend on great reviews stemming from great experiences.

That is why each one of us is a Mont-Tremblant ambassador. We have the power to enrich and personalize every visitor’s experience. Think of your own travels. Certainly, you remember landscapes, activities, accommodations and food, but what makes the difference is interacting with locals. My fondest travel stories involve kind, helpful, and interesting people who proudly promote their area.

I have branded entire places. This includes the cities of London and Johannesburg, the province of Manitoba, and the countries of Guatemala, Estonia and Chile. In the last case, the graphic work ended up on the national stamp. However, “place branding” isn’t about a good slogan, logo and ad campaigns. It is about the promise of a unique experience and surpassing expectations in the delivery of that promise. The differentiating factor in “place branding” is not the place it is the people. Short of all of us wearing nametags that say “Can I Help You?” (which is kind of a cool idea) we need to be attentive, authentic, and helpful.

Being an enthusiastic Mont-Tremblant ambassador is doubly rewarding. Helping out those who have chosen to visit is gratifying and smart business. Meeting people from all around the world is another fantastic benefit of living in Mont-Tremblant. So you are all hereby granted the title of “Ambassador”. Go out and do good work!


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