Laura’s top ten tips for annuals  


1. Think short-term, for the win. Buy the annuals: enjoy the pop of colour all season.

2. Own the decision and buy the larger format. Bigger baskets/plants mean better results and less work overall.

3.  Similarly, go for the fancy container soil (not potting soil). For beds, work in lots of compost: free from the Ville de Mont-Tremblant!

4. Opt for bushy leaves and lots of buds. Flowers are sexy, but plants have often been pushed to max performance. Without good fertilizer and care they’ll probably go into shock and sulk for weeks.

5. If you are putting annuals in beds, you can buy flats or the pricier pots: your call. In either case, see #3. Your plants will only ever be as nice as the soil they’re in.

6. Three or five of the same things, planted together to fill the “holes” between your shrubs and perennials, will give the best impact.

7. Focus on spots you see often: more impact for your investment, and you’ll take better care of them, for an even better bang for your buck.

8. Less is more for watering: deep water two or three times a week, not a little every day. Use a big watering can for containers and mix in a pinch of fertilizer each time, or go green and use compost tea. For beds, use a sprinkler. Less work, better results!

9. Trim off dead flowers and leaves, including the stem and any debris on the soil surface, once a week or so. It doesn’t take long and is worthwhile.

10. The baskets on promotion for $19.99 (or whatever) are often fast-growing, thirsty varieties that will take tonnes of work. For a hanging basket, don’t waste your money…although they can give excellent impact in a large container (or bed) where greater soil volume means they won’t drink themselves dead in a week.


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Laura Scully


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Diplômée de l’Université de Guelph en horticulture, Laura Scully est cofondatrice et copropriétaire de Northland, entreprise tremblantoise d'aménagement paysager maintes fois primée. Elle partage son savoir horticole avec les lecteurs du Tremblant Express depuis 2009. / A University of Guelph graduate in horticulture, Laura Scully is the cofounder and co-owner of Northland, the Mont-Tremblant landscaping company that has won so many titles and awards. She has been sharing her knowhow with Tremblant Express readers since 2009.


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