Martin Deschamps delivers the blues

With inexhaustible energy, Martin Deschamps has been delivering his musical universe for more than two decades. His warm, powerful voice has permitted the soft-hearted rocker to rack up success after success with six solo albums over the course of his career. Today, Martin gives us a clean, acoustic blues album in which he allows his soul, imbued with positivity in the face of any challenge, to shine through.

“I’ve always been influenced by this style of music,” Martin admits, reached by telephone at his Lanaudiere studio. “The Soulshine album is made up of pieces that have been part of my life at various times. There’s a lot of blues, but there are also some pieces that are more pop and rock that we’ve given some bluesy flavour so the album holds together and is easy to listen to. We wanted to keep it pure, so we just used acoustic guitars and slide guitars,” he adds.

Martin Deschamps ©Marie-Odile Roy

Soulshine acoustic sessions

Soulshine was recorded in Martin’s studio in Rawdon with the collaboration of young guitar prodigy Ricky Paquette. When you listen to the artist’s new opus, made wholly of covers and blues classics, you immediately recognize the piece Black Girl, which Martin sings accompanied by Angel Forrest, who has performed many times at the Tremblant International Blues Festival (TIBF). The slide guitars, along with the magnificent voices of the two singers, transport us directly into the American South, the birthplace of the purest blues.

“It was a real pleasure to record and also to perform, because these are pieces we like and that we perform well,” Martin confides.

Then Martin transports us into the sweetness of morning sunshine, sitting on the famous “Dock of the bay” in a cover of the famous Otis Redding song, after which we’re happy to hear his totally groovy version of “On the road again”, sung just the way it should be. This is a road trip and campfire album, as the musician describes it. “The kind of album you take to the country place to enjoy with your buddies.

En route to the American market?

It’s more than likely that with a new record of this quality, Martin and his musicians could try a foray into the land of our southern neighbours. “The goal is to open the doors to an English-speaking career,” the singer admits. “Right now we’re doing covers, but our objective is to come up with an album of original English-language songs.

Martin Deschamps ©Marie-Odile Roy

The Blues Festival

On Saturday, July 15, at 8:30 p.m., in the Village Church playhouse as part of the International Blues Festival, Martin Deschamps will present a show made up of songs from his repertoire, to which he’ll have carefully added some blues flavour. And of course, he’ll be doing pieces from his new album Soulshine, along with some great blues classics.

“This festival is terrific,” says Martin. “All the musicians who show up at the Tremblant Blues Festival discover something special. The site is magical, and the people welcoming us are exceptional. The stages, the equipment…everything is topnotch. There’s nice diversity, too, in both the artists and in the way they deliver this music,” he continues. “Which is pretty amazing, because you can tour the world of the pure blues pretty fast. There are three chords…and ten words,” Martin explains laughingly.

Godfather of the Blues’Araoké

For the second year running, Martin will take on the role of godfather of the Blues’Araoké. In addition to coaching the participants, he’ll treat them to a few tricks of the trade so that they feel confident when it’s time to perform. The role suits him perfectly, because he has trouble just being a spectator at a good concert. “I always find a way to go jam with the guys onstage, wherever I am, particularly if they’re rock,” Martin admits. “The secret is to manage to impress them fast so you don’t get pushed off the stage,” he advises

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