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Professional photographs are fundamental when marketing a property. While a listing description will effectively detail the selling features of a property, nothing can impact the potential buyer more than the lure provided by quality photographs. Pictures speak louder than words. Canadian real estate has become very attractive to foreign investors.

Listings are now viewed on the Internet from around the world. Offers are made without the purchaser ever visiting the property. Photos can make or break an online sale. Great photos have never been so important. The bar is being raised on property presentation and merchandising.

Real estate staging has become a powerful marketing strategy that will maximize on-line presence, provide great photographs and attract more buyers. Staging is also an essential element and a crucial step in preparation for a successful photo shoot. Keep in mind that the real estate photographer is not there to rearrange the décor nor move personal items.

You can hire the best photographer money can buy but if the property is poorly prepped or not prepped at all, the photo will reflect that image. Make sure your property is market-ready in advance of scheduling the photo session. Creating perfect images is a stager’s priority. A professional stager will work their magic in advance of the arrival of the photographer.

Stagers are trained to showcase the property’s best selling features using proven techniques that will evoke emotion and transform a space into a vision of excellence.

In conclusion, securing the combination of a professional stager and a trusted real estate photographer is paramount as both determine photo quality and strongly influence the entire marketing of the property.

Take your cue from Fred R. Bernard, a prominent advertising executive, who in 1921 coined the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”.


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