Real estate in Mont-Tremblant post-lockdown

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How should we explain the keen postcontainment interest in real estate in Mont-Tremblant? Here’s my answer in six points.

Predisposition. Real estate was bubbling before the lockdown.

Space. The fact of having been squeezed in the city with its dense population has prompted people to want a space in the country.

Acceleration. Some people have, during this difficult period, become aware of the fragility of life. They have now stopped putting off life projects they cared about.

It’s great to be at home. The idea of going from city to country and still being “at home” is attractive.

Telework. People have tried telework. Many people would do anything to avoid being stuck in traffic again five days a week. Many dream seriously of spending three, four or even seven days a week in Mont-Tremblant while working full-time for an employer in the city.

Financial. The secondary residence uses the same money as travel. As most people don’t see themselves travelling as they did before, money is freed up for a secondary residence. As a result, real estate in

Mont-Tremblant is on a roll with record sales and rising prices. This wave of pre-retired and teleworking purchasers will result in positive spinoffs for the region, because it brings more than some weekenders.

These are semi-permanent residents who will help local businesses achieve better balanced annual revenues. While we’re delighted as agents and brokers, we would undoubtedly have lived the lockdown differently if we’d been able to anticipate this post-containment wave of interest in real estate here.

We would have taken the time to put our feet up, because we certainly can’t take a break now.


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Pascale Janson, BAA Directrice d’agence, copropriétaire et courtier immobilier agréé chez Les Versants Mont-Tremblant. Pascale détient un baccalauréat en marketing et en gestion d’entreprise des HEC de Montréal. Elle a travaillé plusieurs années à Paris et à Montréal. En 2003, elle a décidé de relever le défi de créer, avec son père, sa propre bannière en immobilier. / Agency manager and co-owner Pascale studied marketing and management at the HEC Montréal and worked for several years in Paris and Montreal. In 2003, she agreed to her father Etienne’s proposal to open a local real estate office.


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