The vineyards of the Okanagan…a unique terroir!

Vineyard overlooking a subdivision Okanagan Lake Kelowna British Columbia Canada in the fall

When you love nature and the wide-open spaces, Western Canada quickly becomes a favourite destination. I felt the call to be there well before I developed a passion for wine. Like Grizzly Adams (a cult series from the ‘70s), I dreamed from early childhood of these vast, wilderness spaces. And I got there.

After spending five weeks in the backcountry of British Columbia and having met up with a grizzly – yup! – I found myself in the Okanagan Valley. The contrast with the changeable climate of the alpine reaches provided a beauty that enthralled me. Since then, I have dreamed of going back in order to visit the many vineyards.

Osoyoos Larose

This vineyard estate is located in a semi-desert zone lucky enough to have a microclimate favourable to the cultivation of grapes. The nights are cool and the days, hot and dry. In this arid climate, good irrigation is a necessity. In addition, the vines get natural protection from the many diseases linked to a more humid environment.

Founded in 1998, in partnership with a château in Bordeaux, the owners planted grapes from the Bordeaux terroir. The style of these vintages bear witness to the union. The estate was already renowned for its great Osoyoos wine when the second wine produced here – Pétales d’Osoyoos – was presented in 2005.

The 2014 vintage provides a round mouth feel with woody notes on well integrated tannins. Aromas of black currants and lightly toasted prunes. Pairing: bavette de boeuf (beef flap steak) with a balsamic-reduced sauce.


About fifteen or so kilometres to the north, the Triggs family acquired a vineyard in 2007. The goal was to develop a lot-related approach depending on the specific needs of each grape and the quality of that terroir.

Manual harvests, micro-lots of land, gravity racking…. Everything was done to obtain high-quality wines. Its Riesling is an excellent example. Good tension, a mineral quality with a balance of sugars and acidity added to good length in the mouth. Delicious!

Pairing: sea scallop ceviche.

French oenologist Pascal Madevon is the man behind these two domaines. He became established in the valley in 2002, and his involvement is a determining factor in the creation of the wines from these two vineyards.

Good tastings, everyone, and happy skiing!


Osoyoos Larose, Pétales d’Osoyoos 2014  SAQ 11166495 $28.35

Culmina, Decora Riesling 2017   SAQ 13294651  $22.95



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