Getting interested in interest rates

I’m a naughty writer. I promised sales and bulk shopping strategies, but my heart wants to follow-up on last month’s bank account and interest intro. If you were looking forward to the shopping strategies, please contact me at any of the coordinates below, and I’ll be happy to go through them.

The initial interest explanation by the bank rep will be forgotten in a heartbeat. So, we the parents, must follow-up. Until children become more proficient at percentages (10-11 ish), the important message to get across is that money in the account earns money on itself (interest).

A great activity to give kids an easy, tactile, visual aid is the marbles in a bowl game:

  1. Give each kid (or yourself and your child) a few marbles,
  2. Start with a glass bowl filled with a few marbles (let’s say 5).
  3. Tell the child(ren) that the marbles in the bowl represent money they deposited in the bank
  4. Pass the bowl around in a circle (or back and forth between you)
  5. Each time a new person takes the bowl they put a marble in the bowl to represent a year of interest

From there, it’s an easy jump to show how another deposit will increase their interest payments:

  1. Add 5 more marbles to the bowl and tell them they’re making another deposit
  2. Pass the bowl around again, only this time put two marbles in every time it gets passed to a new person; one for each deposit.
  3. Encourage discussion

Clearly this isn’t a representative example of how much interest (RATE) is actually paid on a real bank account, but it is an excellent kid-friendly way to understand what INTEREST is and how it works.

Next month: The transition to understanding interest RATES


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