Classes in and about nature

For the past several years, the Domaine Saint-Bernard has been hosting groups of young people, from preschoolers to post-secondary level students, in classes about nature that allow them to discover the Domaine Saint-Bernard in a range of different ways.

Besides the opportunity to take courses outdoors (with access to the Wheeler pavilion) or for autonomous school outings free of excessive supervision, they are offered a personalized, supervised program about astronomy. There’s also the chance to live in full immersion thanks to a lodging option.

The objective is to allow students to continue learning in a context different from the traditional one. The experience of a class in nature contributes to development of self-esteem and awareness of the fragility of our ecosystem.

The benefits of contact with nature are now well accepted. Many studies confirm the enormous physical, psychological and social benefits that young people derive from it.

Getting students away from their routine and into natural surroundings engages them to start discovering – observing, listening, smelling, touching, tasting – as all five of their senses are put to the test. This special link positively influences their relationship with the environment, throughout their lives.

This educational method through experimentation reinforces the desire to learn and contributes to keeping students in school. According to teachers, the students emerge more attentive and the teachers, more motivated, all in an enriching educational environment.

The Domaine is proud to contribute to putting youth in contact with nature. It’s a great pleasure to watch all those children and youth getting off the bus at the Domaine and appreciating their visit.

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Coordonnatrice aux activités du Domaine Saint-Bernard, Isabelle Morissette nous convie chaque mois à profiter au mieux de ce parc écotouristique communautaire, servant de lieu de villégiature et de détente depuis 1913. Ce parc de 1500 acres de nature protégée propose différentes activités sportives, culturelles, éducatives, récréatives, sociales et scientifiques. / Isabelle Morissette, activities coordinator at the Domaine Saint-Bernard, invites us each month to take full advantage of this community ecotourism park – a vacation haven and place to relax since 1913. The park, with its 1500 acres of protected nature, offers a wide range of sports-related, cultural, educational, recreational, social and scientific activities.


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