Is the water we drink really good for us?


Warmer weather often reminds us of a good habit, namely, to drink more water. Before going any further on the subject, let’s go back to the basics. Water is a molecule, called H2O, which contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Water is a clear, odourless liquid found in lakes, rivers and oceans. It comes to us from the sky in the form of rain and snow.

Mother Nature has been making this miraculous liquid – which science tells us is essential to life in all its forms – for billions of years.

There are two main sources of water: Groundwater and Surface water. This naturally occurring water, to be used for human consumption, can then be taken directly from wells; taken from various sources (rivers, wells, aquifers…), processed, and transported to consumers via municipal aqueducts; or bottled for future consumption.

Water quality

Often, we will choose to drink water if it:

  • Smells good;
  • Tastes good;
  • Has no unusual colour or sediments;
  • Does not leave stains or;
  • Is not cloudy.

And yet, these indicators do not take into account other, more important factors influencing our health, such as the presence of:

  • heavy metals;
  • bio-medical residues;
  • plastic nano-molecules;
  • industrial residues and more.

How can we be sure of the quality of the water we are drinking?

Certain processes can partially neutralize the toxic elements in the water and even positively influence its level of acidity or pH, which is important so that our cells can properly absorb this precious liquid.

Several studies have shown that these purification technologies also have their limits. With rapid industrial development and the introduction of new pollutants into our drinking water, much of the drinking water on our planet is negatively affected.

We invite you to consult the website of the Water Quality Association, which is a nonprofit organization whose mission is education on the quality and protection of water.

Jessica et Bruno

Source: Water Quality Association


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