The Village sector and its citizens deserve much more


Sacrifice personal interests

In January I already wrote this month’s first message about our community spirit. “The foundation of a community spirit requires the adherence of the greatest number and the will to sacrifice one’s personal interests for the good of this community.”

Despite all the progress accomplished in our town over the past years, I can’t help but think that the old Village sector and its citizens deserve much more. True, there will be a roof built over the rink at a cost of more than $1 million in 2021, but then…?

Where does the long-term vision for the Village sector stand now?

Over time, several attempts to revitalize the Village sector have been undertaken. Having said that, I’ll ask whether there exists today, in 2021, a real, overall, long-term vision developed by the municipal council. Can we consult it? Several studies have already been done. You’ll remember that there were even some consultation meetings held.

Before the power shovel arrives, our elected representatives should bring back to life a process of consultation, involvement and I would say robust intervention by the citizens for the whole Porte Rouge part of the Village hub.

An “effective and efficient” process (words from the Ville’s strategic plan)

While I like going there in the evening, it is essential to reestablish the facts about the new downtown sector. It took seven years to become a reality. Seven years! With the purchase of properties, demolition of buildings, agreement with the original developer, the cost of many professional services and the final work, it’s easy to estimate a minimum total of $5 to $6 million and not $1.6 million that was communicated recently.

We also again lost some of our historic buildings and institutions. We have to ensure that the process for the Village sector is much more “effective and efficient” with a serious public consultation. For your information, it’s important to know that the Ville de Mont-Tremblant (we the citizens) are the owners of 18 buildings and lots in the heart of the Village sector.

At a minimum, our elected representatives have the duty and responsibility to consult us on the future of these investments, and before a single shovelful of earth has been moved. The same questions arise again. What is the historic and heritage value of these buildings that belong to all of us? When will we have the opportunity to contribute our ideas to the vision and conceptualization of what the heart of the Village sector will become?

A project with much merit and good sense!

I had the privilege quite recently of consulting a project prepared in September 2017. Several citizens (Philippe Laudat, Dominique Laverdure, Kevin Ratcliffe, Guy Primeau, Maude Lauzon) participated in the development of this vision. I needed only a few moments to conclude that the project, which was unfortunately not retained by the Ville, presented an excellent point of departure for a current and progressive vision for the heart of the Village hub.

The project was defined as follows: “ In a desire to create a distinct and complementary role for the Village and to recognize the importance of culture in the strategy for the development of Destination Mont-Tremblant, it seems natural to emphasize the cultural, artistic and heritage-related potential of the Village.”

I would go farther and state, for several reasons which I will share in the future, that this sector could possibly house a real cultural centre for our town. In conclusion, I sincerely hope that our elected representatives will give citizens the opportunity (well before everything is decided) to speak up and to influence the future and vision of what the sector of the Porte Rouge and heart of the Village will become. THANK YOU!


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Michel Savard


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Doyen d’une des grandes écoles hôtelières anglophone canadienne et propriétaire hôtelier avec son épouse Sharon à Mont-Tremblant pendant plus de vingt ans, Michel prend, depuis sa retraite, le temps d’écouter et de conseiller les citoyens de Mont-Tremblant sur divers sujets. Il adresse certaines de leurs doléances au conseil municipal afin que leurs voix soient entendues. Articulé, calme et posé, Michel est toujours extrêmement bien documenté et représente un atout nécessaire à l’exercice d’une démocratie saine au sein de notre communauté. Dean of one of the great Canadian, English-language hotel schools and a hotel owner with his wife Sharon in Mont-Tremblant for more than twenty years, Michel has had, since his retirement, the time to listen to and advise the people of Mont-Tremblant on a variety of subjects. He takes some of their complaints and grievances to the municipal council so that their voices will be heard. Articulate, calm and poised, Michel always has full documentation and represents a much-needed asset in support of the healthy exercise of democracy in our community.


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