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Beekeeping: passion and determination

It was in Brébeuf, where the little shop of the beekeeping farm Le petit rucher du Nord (The little Hive of the North)opens its doors to the public every summer, when Félix was only 18, that he and his brother Samuel discovered an old beehive belonging to their great-uncle. Encouraged by the interest they were showing, this latter gave them their first swarm along with the Trappist Fathers complete guide to apiculture.

First one, then three, then 17 hives: the pastime grew. In 2009, Félix, a cabinet-maker by trade, decided to move to beekeeping full-time and after he had taken a course on the raising of queens, the farm grew ever larger.

Now it has 250 hives. His spouse, Judith Forget, decided to join the business.

Among other challenges, springtime is always full of surprises; 20 to 40 percent of the bees can be lost over the winter. But never mind. Every year his “little girls”, as Félix affectionately calls them, multiply thanks to the good care they receive.

His honey is unpasteurized in order to retain all of its benefits and aromas. Its flavour varies in accordance with the diversity of the flowers and the time when the nectar is gathered. Spring honey presents notes of lilac, cherry trees and yellow birch; summer honey has scents of linden, raspberry and clover; the scent of fall honey is dominated by goldenrod.

No need to stock up for winter, as several businesses offer his products all year round.

As part of the adventure, the apiculture farm has developed Api-flex: an ecological, washable and reusable wrapper based on organic cotton and hemp coated with beeswax, which replaces plastic film.

Still as passionate as ever after more than 20 years in this fascinating world, Félix is starting a major project: a new, pondered and re-thought honey house.

A little hive that sees itself just big enough!



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Marie-Stéphane Asselin54 Posts

Marie-Stéphane s’est lancée dans l’aventure agricole en 2015, alors qu’elle décida de laisser libre cours à une étonnante intuition; celle de produire du safran. Cette nouvelle safranière, baptisée Safran des neiges, représente depuis lors une fabuleuse aventure pour cette jeune entrepreneure passionnée. Elle partage avec nous ses coups de cœur agricoles du terroir laurentien. / Marie- Stéphane launched herself into agriculture in 2015 when she decided to follow a surprising intuition: the production of saffron. The new saffron farm, named Safran des neiges (Saffron of the snows) has, since that time, been a fabulous adventure for the passionate young entrepreneur. She shares with us her agricultural favourites in the Laurentians terroir.


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