The ultimate in integrated home automation


Global Domotech has, since 2012, specialized in the turnkey automation of residences and offices for its clients from Magog to Nominingue, and particularly in the Mont-Tremblant area. From plan design to delivery, a passion for excellence remains the hallmark of this Lower Laurentians company, founded by Jean-Philippe Arsenault.

High-end home automation allows its owner to control their home with the touch of a finger. Whether it’s a matter of adjusting the lighting to suit the desired ambience, of choosing the music – whatever the spot – or of arranging to have a pleasant temperature in the rooms when one arrives home, home automation revolutionizes daily life.

“It all happens through one single application,” explains Jean-Philippe Arsenault, president and founder of Global Domotech. “Our great strength lies in providing impeccable installation, as much for home automation as for the design of projects. The goal is to have the various functionalities well integrated and everything highly functional. In a well-designed home, everything that can be connected is connected.”

One example would be to have a “Hello” switch and another, a “Goodbye” switch, in the entry, which would allow opening or closing the house according to one’s preferences. Come nighttime, a simple click of the “Good night” switch would turn off everything that needed turning off.

“Every project is different and every project is turnkey,” adds the contractor, who specializes in electrical engineering and industrial process commands. “We take care of everything electronic in the house and we stay abreast of the latest trends so we can guide our customers and advise them of what’s best according to their preferences and budget.



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