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Buying a property in Mont-Tremblant – Tip #3

First, you should know that when your ally-type real estate broker asks you what you’re looking for, and you say “a deal”, without any equivocation or additional detail, there’s a fair chance that your broker will show clear signs of discouragement.

So I’d like to use this column to debunk the myth of the deal.

  1. It isn’t a deal if it isn’t what you need;
  2. There’s risk involved, a bit like buying in the stock market;
  3. There is rarely a seller in financial difficulty.

A true story

A client of Étienne (my dad), asked him for a deal. Étienne asked him to be more specific about what he needed. The client responded: “A deal. You know, a property where the seller is really sick, and HAS to sell his house, but I’d like it to be well maintained.” So what we‘ll looking for is a sick seller who is able to maintain his property?

Joking aside, how do you get a “deal”?

Bearing in mind that everyone wants to pay as little as possible, a “deal” could be mistaken for a normal real estate purchase. Here’s a reminder of Tips #1 and #2.

Tip #1: Define your personal needs and requirements + the anticipated use + budget (see October-November 2018 issue ofTremblant Express).
Tip #2: Find a good real estate broker…an ally to represent you (see December 2018 issue)

Once that’s done, the key is to remain emotionally detached from the properties. Avoid “falling in love”. Then rank the properties under consideration in order of preference and establish with your broker what you would consider to be a “good deal” for each one.

Finally, make the purchase offer starting with your preferred property. If you get a negative response, just move on to the next property. Do this until a seller accepts your offer.

Best of luck in your search for the property that suits you best at the best possible price!


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Pascale Janson, BAA Directrice d’agence, copropriétaire et courtier immobilier agréé chez Les Versants Mont-Tremblant. Pascale détient un baccalauréat en marketing et en gestion d’entreprise des HEC de Montréal. Elle a travaillé plusieurs années à Paris et à Montréal. En 2003, elle a décidé de relever le défi de créer, avec son père, sa propre bannière en immobilier. / Agency manager and co-owner Pascale studied marketing and management at the HEC Montréal and worked for several years in Paris and Montreal. In 2003, she agreed to her father Etienne’s proposal to open a local real estate office.


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