La proprioception au golf

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Golf is a sport of sensory perceptions and reflex conditioning. Most of the time, the technique used by the player is based on their physical and athletic skills. Consequently, if you want to achieve a more effective swing, start by improving your flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance and agility.

Of all the physical attributes, the most important one to develop is your proprioception: the “sixth sense” we all have and which translates into the body’s ability to perceive its own position in space and time. Among other things, proprioception allows you to:

  • Recognize that you are supported by and perfectly balanced on your left leg throughout the period of an approach shot;
  • Feel the pressure of your hands gently exerted on the club (more accentuated on the three last fingers of the left hand);
  • Perceive the spatial orientation of your body and your club without even looking at them;
  • Recognize the separation, connection and linking of the movements which create the proper sequence in space and time.

In addition, proprioception allows your body to perform precise, fluid and simultaneous actions without your having to stop and control each one separately. It’s an ability we take for granted … until it disappears in a situation of extreme stress. Happily, with a bit of training, this natural ability can be developed considerably.

With the right postural position and the key address positions, the golfer creates a chain of proprioceptive reactions which sets off the correct motor response and execution of the desired action. The following exercise stimulates the proprioceptive engagement and the right reflexes.


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