The pergola, shades of Italy

A true outdoor living space, the pergola is a perfect place to take full advantage of summer’s beautiful days as well as adding an aesthetic feature to the garden. Its name is reminiscent of repose and good taste. In a pergola one can relax in the shade, escape the heat of the sun, feel the breeze and smell the heady scent of flowers.

Originally made of wood, the pergola is designed with open horizontal rafters that create a roof supported by columns. Its open roof is perfect for climbing plants: roses, honeysuckle or clematis. In days of antiquity, they were used to support grape vines.

Nowadays, the pergola is made of a range of materials depending on the desired style, such as modern, country or Oriental, to create a festive or a private ambience. Anything works: combining cedar with steel, concrete columns, natural stone…. It’s the kind of structure used by restaurants for their open terraces or in public spaces where outdoor shows are staged.

Today, it’s the bioclimatic or environmental pergola, often fully waterproof, that’s popular. Offered in an infinite range of colours, its horizontal aluminum slats can be opened or closed manually or by remote control to adjust the amount of sunshine and protect from wet weather. The spacing between the slats allows air to pass through and prevents a greenhouse effect. By adding some subtle lighting, a string of lights, a terrace heater, hidden speakers and movable screens or windows (on rails), you get a three-season room.

A more economical version would involve opting for a transparent polycarbonate roof – polycarbonate being a plastic stronger and lighter than glass – or perhaps a fabric shade, usually contemporary in style.

When you install a hammock, hanging chair or even a hot tub, you create a perfect spot to relax.

Marie-Stéphane Asselin54 Posts

Marie-Stéphane s’est lancée dans l’aventure agricole en 2015, alors qu’elle décida de laisser libre cours à une étonnante intuition; celle de produire du safran. Cette nouvelle safranière, baptisée Safran des neiges, représente depuis lors une fabuleuse aventure pour cette jeune entrepreneure passionnée. Elle partage avec nous ses coups de cœur agricoles du terroir laurentien. / Marie- Stéphane launched herself into agriculture in 2015 when she decided to follow a surprising intuition: the production of saffron. The new saffron farm, named Safran des neiges (Saffron of the snows) has, since that time, been a fabulous adventure for the passionate young entrepreneur. She shares with us her agricultural favourites in the Laurentians terroir.


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