Improved risk management

As you accumulate financial assets, managing them becomes more complex and demands more of your time…to the point where you ask yourself if it wouldn’t be wise to give the job to a private portfolio manager.

Private portfolio management is used by investors who are very busy and are interested in personalized management of their assets. This client group is composed of entrepreneurs, professionals and business executives. It also includes retired people who travel and want to take full advantage of their retirement.

This kind of management guarantees discretionary portfolio management in accordance with the highest standards. The manager takes into account factors such as your requirements in terms of growth, your revenue needs and your risk tolerance. He or she undertakes ongoing management of the assets, working within the framework of your specific directions.

Your portfolio is built with the help of a team of professionals who provide their expertise in:

  • Investment strategy and research;
  • Recommendations for the securities (bonds, stocks) held in your portfolio;
  • Management of risk, a structure permitting reduction in the portfolio’s general risk exposure.

Every portfolio manager has a different style. As an investor, your best course of action is to validate your manager’s management style before you entrust him or her with your money. For example, different managers prefer investing for value, or for growth, or for momentum and so on.

I invite you to contact me if you want to learn about the advantages of mutual funds (e.g., holding securities in your name, reduced management fees, etc.). I would be pleased to meet with you and show you how private portfolio management can help you reduce the overall risk to your assets while taking full advantage of market growth.


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Francis Couillard est Vice-président, gestionnaire de portefeuille et conseiller en patrimoine. Vice-President, Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor.


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