Mont-Tremblant police brotherhood gives financial help to families

The humanitarian fund of the Fraternité des Policiers de Mont-Tremblant (FHFPMTT) has announced a $10,000 emergency donation to help families of Mont-Tremblant made vulnerable by the COVID-19 situation.

The FHFPMTT has purchased gift certificates from three local grocery stores: Mont-Tremblant IGA, Mont-Tremblant Super C, and Mont-Tremblant Métro. The donation will allow the distribution of one hundred gift cards valued at $100 each.

Here are the conditions that must be met to be eligible to receive the gift

Be a resident of Mont-Tremblant;

Have at least one dependent child (under 18) living in the home;

Be a worker who has to stop work because of COVID-19 and who does not have access to a paid holiday or other type of financial support;


Be a worker who is sick, in quarantine, or who is taking care of a person sick with COVID-19;


Be a working parent who must stay home without salary or income to take care of a child or children who are ill or who need additional care due to school or daycare closures;


Be a worker who still has their job, but not enough work at the moment and whose employer has asked them not to come in to work.

So that the families most affected can benefit from this gift, the humanitarian fund asks for the cooperation as well as the honesty of all Mon-Tremblant citizens. If you are not part of one of the families affected by this crisis and described above, please do not appear to receive this assistance.

Numerous families need it to feed their loved ones.

Persons wishing to receive this assistance are invited to come and meet with us in the offices of the newspaper Information du nord, located at 979 rue de Saint-Jovite in Mont-Tremblant on Thursday, April 2, or on Tuesday, April 7, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Chantale Roussel, director of Info du nord, will be pleased to welcome you and give you your $100 grocery voucher. Please have with you the following documents:

  • An identity card or document with photograph that includes your first and last names;
  • Proof of residence (if not included on your ID piece);
  • .An identity document that includes the first and last names of your dependent children.

Some purchases, such as tobacco products, alcoholic drinks or lottery tickets, are excluded from the merchandise authorized by the vouchers.

Lastly, the FHFPMTT, like most citizens and residents, is well aware of the social distancing rules in effect due to the specifics of COVID-19. Because of this, we ask that, once you are in the designated place, you respect the following rules:

  • Wait in the waiting line outside the offices (we will ask one person at a time to enter, to minimize contacts between individuals);
  • Maintain a minimum distance of two metres between persons waiting in line;
  • Ensure that only one adult per family appears to receive the voucher.

The FHFPMTT will distribute the 100 gifts until the $10,000 has been entirely used up.

The FHFPMTT is proud to help the families we serve. We are very happy to be able to contribute to the well-being of the people of the Mont-Tremblant community, and hope that this help will allow a short period of respite to families affected.



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