Ferme aux petits oignons farm becomes a solidarity cooperative

The Coop’s board of directors: Véronique Bouchard, Arthur Préat, David Lanoue, Roxanne Chenel & Miriam Nicoll. ©Guillaume Vincent

The creation of the Coop aux petits oignons was celebrated on February 1. The goal of the transformation is, notably, to ensure the ongoing life of this Mont-Tremblant agricultural institution by mobilizing the community around a common objective: taking care of and preserving our collective food larder.

According to Véronique Bouchard, agronomist and co-owner of the Ferme aux petits oignons, the rate of survival of collective businesses is much higher than that of private businesses in the agricultural sector.

“I asked myself what would happen if, from one day to the next, I fell ill. In dividing the responsibilities among the worker members and the involvement of a community of supporting members, the business becomes less vulnerable and can continue to fulfill its mission over several generations.”

Through the investment of the community in the cooperative, the goal is that the farm belong more and more to the community and less and less to the bank. The transformation of this agricultural business into a solidarity cooperative also aims to improve the working conditions, which are among the least attractive in all sectors, taken together.

Véronique’s dream of developing a new agricultural community model to bring hope for future generations, permitting food resiliency for our communities, dynamic use of the land, and valorization of the agricultural profession, is thus well on its way to being achieved.

“My objective has always been to feed the community and allow access to organic, local food to as many people as possible,” Véronique notes.

“It’s a matter, first and foremost, of a social and environmental mission, because taking care of the earth and its community doesn’t go with making profits. That’s why we’ve opted for a solidarity cooperative comparable to a not-for-profit organization,” she goes on to explain.

How to become a member

The qualifying share to become a coop member is set at $1000. It should be noted that amounts invested by members during the financing campaign will be doubled by Ampli funds. Just one more reason to get involved between now and the end of the campaign, which is expected to be at the end of May.

Of course, you don’t have to become a member to continue to enjoy the farm’s products. If a member of the community wishes, however, to get involved without becoming a member, volunteerism is a good way to make a concrete contribution to the coop’s mission.

Information sessions will be organized in the month of March. To find out where and when, check the following page: auxpetitsoignons.bio/notreferme/ cooperative-de-solidarite


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