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Rory McIlroy - Hamilton, ON - June 5, 2019 - RBC Canadian Open at Hamilton Golf & Country Club. ©Gary Yee

Monks in mediaeval times experienced great difficulty in concentrating. And yet, concentration was their full-time job. Their technology was certainly different from ours, but their anxiety about distractions was the same. Like the golfers of today, they complained about being constantly overburdened with information and experienced difficulty in calming their minds.

Being realistic

In golf, several elements hinder concentration. If you don’t know what you should be concentrating on, you don’t know the basics. If you never take lessons, rarely practice, but still hope to make great shots, it’s normal for you to be stiff during the swing and emotional afterwards. Without a minimum level of knowledge and experience, it’s normal not to be able to stop thinking, to experience self-doubt and to be stiff.

Developing a culture of learning

To achieve the desired concentration, you first have to make the link between what you hope to accomplish – realistically – and to become completely engaged in the simplest way to achieve that. It’s a pragmatic process which includes stimulation of your intellect, your feelings/sensations and your confidence.

See, feel, and experience confidence

You have a better chance of success when you are positive and imagine the best. Visualize what you really want. After all, your next shot could be a “master’s shot”. And because golf is a sport where the senses play a major role, interiorize your approach and allow yourself to watch yourself do it from the inside.

Pay attention to the sensations felt at each stage and become aware of the body movements that respond to the images projected. If you overdo it, the form won’t be right and you can then adjust your level of confidence, your mental image or your physical sensations to get them all working together.


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