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Ariane Paré-Le Gal & Pascal Benaksas-Couture. ©Guillaume Vincent

The company that’s an expert in the culinary art of the boreal forest is opening, on May 7, its very first shop, on the site of the former pisciculture – fish-farming – operation in Mont-Blanc (formerly Saint-Faustin–Lac-Carré).

For more than 25 years, Gourmet Sauvage has made it its business to draw attention to boreal gastronomy by harvesting wild plants and mushrooms throughout Quebec. It offers more than a hundred products picked in the forest and processed in cottage-type operations. Gourmet Sauvage also helps educate people through its forest workshops and online seminars.

“One feeds the other. There’s an incredible synergy in all our activities that I would never have believed we could achieve when we started up again. It all works together and it’s our greatest pride,” says Ariane Paré-Le Gal, vice-president of Gourmet Sauvage.

The store

If you’re looking for something unusual, you’ll want to visit. In addition to the Gourmet Sauvage products – jams and jellies, pickles and condiments, mustards, syrups and essences – Ariane offers visitors products from the work of twenty or so carefully selected local producers, artisans and artists.

“Everything in the shop has a direct link to the forest,” Ariane states. “Like our products, each of the articles here comes from an artisan and has a story.”

The harvester, or picker, will find bags, baskets and picking tools. The epicure will be offered a selection of gourmet products: honey from Anicet and the Petit rucher du Nord; taste treats from Régal Nomade; salt from the Bergeronnes; and seaweed from the Gaspé.

Forest-focused art

Upon entering the boutique, the visitor will see a superb construction hanging above the counter. This work of art, created by floral artist Annie Lord, is a forest microcosm in which there are indigenous species, flowers and birds’ nests.

“I didn’t expect to enjoy opening this shop as much as I have… I realize that Pascal and I operate the store with the same energy we have when we create new products,” Ariane adds.

Earrings in the shape of a variety of vegetables, blankets certified ecologically responsible from Mini Tipi as well as cosmetics are all available.

©Guillaume Vincent

A complete universe

The goal of Ariane and Pascal Benasksas-Couture – partners in life as they are in business – is to provide a single counter for anyone interested in forestrelated products.

“Rather than just coming here in search of a jar of jam, people can enter a complete universe,” says Ariane.

This foray into the fabulous world of the ancient knowledge of picking and harvesting would not be complete without the (French-language) book Forêt, which has already sold 50,000 copies. A new, compact edition is now available. “

We’ve added photos and 15 new plant records. The paper is glazed so the book can be taken on field trips won’t be damaged by a little dirt,” Ariane notes.

EAK’s Treetop Walk

The new Gourmet Sauvage shop has opened a few weeks before the reopening of their café of the same name, and before the inauguration of the much-awaited Sentier des Cimes/Treetop Walk. Closely associated with the giant tourist project, the specialty food shop will allow visitors to discover the riches of the boreal forest and of local artisanal products.

“The interest in environmental conservation and education in the projects undertaken by Erlebnis Akademie AG (EAK) is clear to see. The goal is to administer the operations of our companies jointly to make this a pleasant, consistent, tourist destination,” Ariane concludes.




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