Glamping at the Maître for the summer

By Sylvie Bélanger

While Le Maître golf clubhouse is being rebuilt, temporary facilities have been put in place to receive the customers of this gem of the Mont-Tremblant vacation resort. It certain hasn’t been easy, but with a great deal of heart and devotion on the part of staff the Maître has made it. Erik Laframboises’s team, composed notably of Stéphane, David, Rachel and Valérie, is ready to welcome its 300 members for the 2018 summer season.

It has already been eight months since the fire engulfed the Pavillon which overlooked the 18th hole and its magnificent sunsets. Everything’s new: Le Maître’s golf community will spend its summer under a glassed-in Formula 1-style tent facing a stunning view of the 1st hole.

The height of temporary facilities

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The new provisional nerve centre is operational and fully effective. Here you find the shop, the reception booth, the golf storage and even a “big top” tent for barbecues. In the impressive main tent, some 100 places (seated) will allow the return of several events, including the famous Italian pasta nights. As usual, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available here.

“We had to adjust and face several things that were unexpected. The good news is that everything is ready. Our chef, Luc Champagne, has even managed to create a new menu,” indicates Pascal De Bellefeuille, sales and marketing director.

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A completely new Clubhouse

The design of the new site is in the planning phase. Pascal notes that the architect who created the first version of the Clubhouse is currently working on its renaissance. Everything is being done to retain the authenticity of this pavilion, which is central to the Maître community. Goal: to improve the former Clubhouse without losing the integrity or the quality while respecting an approximate budget of five million dollars.

The schedule for reopening the new building, which will include, notably, a larger dining room, will be announced shortly. “We’re talking about a major building and want to work with the architect to make sure that everything is really perfect. It is, after all, quite an enormous process,” Pascal emphasizes.

They’re off!

©Tremblant Express

On Wednesday, May 16, the golf season on the Maître de Mont-Tremblant golf course opened. There were sounds of ball being hit all along the Diable River and the members, starting their season in these breathtaking surroundings, were able to resume their passion for this precision sport; it was ranked the number one individual sport around the world in 2010 with more than 82 million players. We should mention in closing that all other activities, such as tennis and swimming, are back.

So Le Maître is being reborn in a glamour camping – glamping – format for a new season of summer splendour, which will yet again permit this very special resort community to enjoy a spectacular summer.


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