Exploring winter trails

My first attempt at cross-country skiing several years ago was memorable, but not for the reasons one would expect.

The day started well. It was a brisk winter morning and snow-laden trails through the woods enticed me and my friend Catherine to pull on our mittens and ski into the unknown.

The dead of winter. Two novices, on our own. Unmarked trails. No map. What could possibly go wrong? I’ll skip to the end to spare you the details… but we got lost, we froze, and the Ski Patrol was involved….

Sripted by Disney

Which brings to me to my cross-country skiing adventure this month. As I try to not make the same mistake twice, this time out, I chose the go-to cross-country ski spot of our community, Domaine Saint-Bernard.

With 1,500 protected acres of nature to explore, the Domaine Saint-Bernard is truly a jewel in the Mont- Tremblant region. In its network, over 80 km of cross-country ski trails are well marked, impeccably groomed and maintained all winter. The staff and volunteers are nothing short of amazing.

As I set off and established a steady pace, it was as if I had entered another dimension. My breath split the fresh air. The snow sparkled and glittered in the sunlight. And just like in a Disney movie, delicate little birds swooped from above and landed on my outstretched hand. If it sounds magical, it’s because it was.

Instead of medical aid from the Ski Patrol, my second cross-country skiing adventure ended with a smile…and a hot cappuccino and a warm muffin at Sebastien Houle’s Bistro Saint-Bernard.

New challenges

As we enter a new year, I challenge you to join me in exploring Mont-Tremblant. There’s a fitness adventure around every corner. Let 2020 be your year with perfect vision for your health, your fitness and your future.


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Cathy Bergman est devenue athlète de façon inopinée à un âge relativement avancé. Elle nous montre qu’il n'est jamais trop tard pour retrouver la santé et la forme. Cathy Bergman is an accidental athlete who found health and fitness late in life. She shows us that is never too late to get healthy and fit.

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