Spring cleaning… yourself!


Physically, emotionally and environmentally, we all need a spring clean-up! Like a tree after winter, we strive for energy to “rebirth” when spring season comes around. Here are seven steps to help you to feel and be better and celebrate the new season.

1) Juicing vegetables

It’s a superb way to fortify your body with essential nutrients. It will increase your chlorophyll intake, which is known to help detoxify and heal the body and build and purify the blood, as it contains a unique structure similar to hemoglobin, the substance that transports oxygen through the blood.

2) Increase raw food in your diet

Did you know that raw food is digested in one-half to one-third the time compared to cooked food? So that’s a great way to give your digestive system a much needed break, allowing it to clear out waste that has built up over time.

3) Include fermented foods

Such as sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh, miso and kefir, which are all a great source of good bacteria, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients will help each one of your cells to eliminate toxins.

4) Exercise regularly

The human body is a machine made to move This could be a morning or afterlunch fast walk in nature (such as in a park close to your home or office), experiencing your connection with nature while integrating tips #5 and #6.

5) Practice mindfulness

You don’t have to meditate for three hours a day. Simply do NOTHING for a few short minutes and enjoy being YOU.

6) Express gratitude

Every day in all the small things in your life. Science says that this is a very powerful exercise to energize yourself at a cellular level, literally!

7) Declutter!

Clutter is an energy stealer. Decluttering will decrease anxiety, stress, frustration and even guilt. A messy environment means a messy mind!

& Healthy Spring, Jessica et Bruno


*Source: David Wolfe, Longevity Now, 2013Happy


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Jessica Humphries est entraîneuse certifiée, coach santé et conceptrice de programmes d’entraînement physique en plein air offerts à longueur d’année. Diplômée de l’Université McGill, elle détient un baccalauréat en éducation physique et kinésiologie. - Bruno Saint-Hilaire est un professionnel de la santé qui a fait ses études universitaires en médecine sportive et nutritionnelle et administration des affaires. Ce qui le passionne depuis plus de 20 ans est d'accompagner sa clientèle très variée (enfants, adolescents et adultes) vers l'optimisation de leur santé afin de les aider à vivre au quotidien avec plus d'énergie et de vitalité. / Jessica Humphries is a certified natural trainer in functional fitness, yoga instructor, healthy lifestyle coach and the designer of year-round nature fitness training programs. She graduated from McGill University with a BEd in physical education and kinesiology. - Bruno Saint-Hilaire is a health professional who completed his university studies in sports and nutritional medicine and business administration. For more than 20 years his passion has been to accompany his wide range of clients (children, teens and adults) in the optimization of their health to help them live their daily lives with more energy and vitality. enerj.ca


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