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Remember the fun of treehouses? That feeling of adventure was hard to beat. You can rekindle it with your family at Les Refuges Perchés. Less than an hour from Mont-Tremblant and Tremblant Resort there is an incredibly memorable, year-round, eco-vacation experience. It comes in the form of 20 unique lakeside treehouses, located in a scenic, protected park.

Before we get to the accommodations, let’s talk about the setting. Lac Cordon is pristine and fantastic for swimming, canoeing and fishing. Its shores are beautiful. Around the lake there’s a trail that is among the prettiest in the Laurentians. You will experience different ecosystems and be grateful for the care and grooming of the path. Don’t miss walking up to the lookout for a sweeping view.


The communications shared by Les Refuges Perchés prior to your stay are informative and valuable. First, you’ll be charmed by the staff. Their passion for the environment and your comfort is an instant welcome.

We recommend that you opt for the treehouse kit, which includes propane for the stove and barbecue, battery for lighting, and various sundries. Wood is available to purchase for heating and the firepit.

From there, the uniqueness truly begins. To get to your treehouse, you have a 20-minute walk along a trail. You are given wheeled carts to transport belongings and food. Canoes are available for rent and many visitors (often depending on their cabin location) use them to move their luggage as that takes half the time.

This is the beginning of an immersion in nature. No two treehouses are alike. There are 10 on one side of the lake, 10 on the other. The configurations have the least impact on where they are situated.

Some are literally in the trees or are placed on large rock outcroppings. The designs are stellar. You will walk around your treehouse in amazement. Outhouses add to the rustic experience but full facilities are available at the main building.

The treehouses are equipped with all you need with the exception of bedding, pillows, and towels. Each makes the most of their distinctive layouts and size, offering decks for outside lounging.

What you may remember most are the sounds. Not of rushing traffic or honking horns but of loons and frogs. One evening, we were treated to a beaver ballet just off our dock. The entire experience felt exclusive but booking in advance is a must.

Lastly, Les Refuges Perchés practices what it preaches. It contributes one per cent of its revenue to the protection or restoration of Québec ecosystems. We look forward to returning for the winter experience!


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