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The practice of sexting, which is sending and/or receiving nude or very intimate images, has grown in recent years. It’s obvious that this way of seducing someone or spicing up everyday life carries risks to the reputation and social consequences, but few people realize that there are laws governing the practice.

From a legal standpoint, sexting is permitted between two consenting adults. The concept of “consent” is obviously critically important in this context. A person who receives unwanted sexual images or videos can file a complaint for “indecent communication” or “criminal harassment”.

What happens when you change your mind or when a former heartthrob decides to pass on the private images after the relationship ends? Since December 2014, the Criminal Code forbids the non-consensual distribution of private images. This is now a crime that can result in a prison sentence of as much as five years.

And is it permissable between teens?

The law is clear: “any minor who takes a photo or video of him- or herself nude or in a sexual context and distributes this material in any way available to him or her commits the offenses of production and distribution of juvenile pornography. The person who receives and saves this material is liable for prosecution for possession.”

Even a third person who limits him- or herself to seeing only this content is guilty of the same offenses.

The schools of Mont-Tremblant now have a program called SEXTO, created initially by the police of Saint-Jérôme. Based on prevention and intervention, it helps coordinate interventions in the school environment so that cases can be dealt with more quickly.

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