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I had no idea that the wild berries I found on the edge of a forest would lead to a foraging adventure….

An unexpected treat

I spied the tiny plump berries just off a dirt road that leads to our home. A tangle of tiny dark purple and red fruit. They looked like baby blackberries. Turns out they were dewberries (thank you Google). A bit of crawling around at the edge of the forest. Lots of squatting. A few scrapes and thistle burrs. Voila, enough dewberries… to fill a thimble.

Did I say they were tiny?

I was undeterred. An hour of air squats, front lunges and bear crawling my way through almost a kilometre of brambles – and I had almost enough dewberries to make a small tart. Regardless, I was hooked. Where else could wild berries be discovered? An adventure was hatched.

A berry summit

There is a singularly steep mountain in Brébeuf the locals call the capuche. Appropriately named because it looks like a tall peaked hood. What it looked like to me was an opportunity to take berry picking to the extreme. I had heard that wild blueberries grew atop this sheer monster.

While not yet a recognized sport – extreme berry picking could catch on…. Fueled with a teaspoon of dew berries, with a water bottle and bag in hand, up the monster I went. This is how bears must forage, I thought, although I am certain bears have a more graceful gait than I, as I clawed my way to the top. I am also certain bears don’t curse during a vertical climb.

The reward? A field of wild blueberry bushes awaited me. Not even the bears had taken on the capuche.

How does this story end? With blueberry adventure pie, of course.


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Cathy Bergman est devenue athlète de façon inopinée à un âge relativement avancé. Elle nous montre qu’il n'est jamais trop tard pour retrouver la santé et la forme. Cathy Bergman is an accidental athlete who found health and fitness late in life. She shows us that is never too late to get healthy and fit.


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