Tips for hitting “bombs”

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Like you, I love hitting bombs. I like being able to use every one of my 140 lbs by swinging without wasting energy. Besides, driving the ball an extra 15 to 20 yards makes a big difference on the scorecard. And what’s more, getting to the green with a 7 iron instead of a wood is so much easier.

Have two strategies

On the one hand, learn to swing with ease for the middle of the fairway. Move your body with suppleness and coordination with 60 per cent effort. Then from that basic swing go into ”overdrive”, add more power and energy to create an intensely more powerful swing. If you want to hit long, then go for it, expressing yourself freely, without holding back, with all your heart.

Develop your physical skills

Because your technique is based on the quality of your balance, agility, suppleness, coordination, proprioception, strength and speed, you have to develop these natural physical traits.

Perfect your swing by adjusting your initial set-up position

Take an athletic posture with your feet wider apart, getting more support from your left foot by tilting your pelvis towards the target so that 60 per cent of your body mass is supported by the leading foot. Align yourself to the right of your target to promote better hip and trunk rotation. This way you’ll get a bigger arc on the backswing and more arm speed through the ball.

Place your tee higher and position the ball opposite your left heel to promote a backward tilt of your spine during the downswing and therefore a club that catches the ball on the upswing at impact. Get a stronger grip by allowing the handle to rest in your fingers instead of the palms of your hands to get better flexion of the left wrist at the start of the swing and a better release of the clubhead at impact.

Get fitted

Custom clubs help golfers at every level. Try several shafts, heads and grips, with different lengths, weights, sizes and adjustments.

Happy golfing!


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