How will you remember 2020?

Let’s just say that 2020 was a different kind of year. A year that made us stretch our limits, grow, evolve, change, and question everything. This global wake-up call has affected everyone on some level. Maybe we needed to get shaken up a little, to open our eyes and see what is truly important to us, how we can make a difference, how we can unite and make this world a better place.

This month we would like to help you take a look at your 2020 and see just how far you have come. You might be afraid to look back because your mind has been impregnated with fear, anxiety, stress and discomfort. There is always, however, a positive hiding within chaos; you might say it’s the Yin and Yang! Or maybe this past year was your best yet, where you stepped into your power and moved mountains.

Wherever you are, let’s look back on 2020 and find the gems hidden in the rough. Get out your journal and your favorite pen. Find a quiet place that makes you feel at ease (bonus if you can go out into nature). We invite you to sit comfortably (not driving), close your eyes and take a few deep, calming, belly breathes.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your body to settle and start to calm your mind by focusing on your breath. Place your awareness around your heart and keep breathing. When you feel a slight state of calmness come over you, ask yourself the following questions and just allow the answers to surface without second guessing yourself.

Once this period of retrospection is done, write down your answers in your journal.

  1. What was my greatest lesson in 2020?
  2. How did I grow, change and evolve?
  3. What was the biggest challenge that I had to overcome and how has it impacted me positively?
  4. How have I contributed to my family, my community, the world?

This might not be an easy experience for you, so feel free to do it a few times and continue journaling. We are not saying that you should ignore the challenges that you have gone through or are going through; we are simply offering you another way to look at 2020 with the glass half full. Now how can you finish your year on a positive note? Here are some simple suggestions:

  • Practice self-care every day (even five minutes of “me time” counts).
  • Take care of yourself so that you can give back to others.
  • Forgive, love, act on what is important to you.
  • Slow down and be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Remember that we have the ability to choose the path we take and the free will to co-create our lives. Don’t let fear paralyze you; step into your greatness and shine.

Wishing you happy and healthy Holidays, Jessica et Bruno.


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Jessica Humphries Bruno Saint-Hilaire70 Posts

Jessica Humphries est entraîneuse certifiée, coach santé et conceptrice de programmes d’entraînement physique en plein air offerts à longueur d’année. Diplômée de l’Université McGill, elle détient un baccalauréat en éducation physique et kinésiologie. - Bruno Saint-Hilaire est un professionnel de la santé qui a fait ses études universitaires en médecine sportive et nutritionnelle et administration des affaires. Ce qui le passionne depuis plus de 20 ans est d'accompagner sa clientèle très variée (enfants, adolescents et adultes) vers l'optimisation de leur santé afin de les aider à vivre au quotidien avec plus d'énergie et de vitalité. / Jessica Humphries is a certified natural trainer in functional fitness, yoga instructor, healthy lifestyle coach and the designer of year-round nature fitness training programs. She graduated from McGill University with a BEd in physical education and kinesiology. - Bruno Saint-Hilaire is a health professional who completed his university studies in sports and nutritional medicine and business administration. For more than 20 years his passion has been to accompany his wide range of clients (children, teens and adults) in the optimization of their health to help them live their daily lives with more energy and vitality.


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