Choosing an environment that suits your abilities

With all the golf courses – and the starting tees – available today, it’s easy to choose one that works with your strengths. Remember that the environment selected will be the first step towards the relaxation and ease that’s as essential to your well-being as it is to the development of your competence.

Have you already tried playing a too-short course of the kind where it’s a 5 wood and pitching wedge to achieve a par-4 hole in two strokes? This summer, I invite you to try junior, senior and women’s tees. You’ll force less and your technique will improve.

Have you noticed the tension in the face of a golfer trying to reach a green in two strokes by using a 4 iron for 215 yards whereas he/ she usually hits his 1 wood 220 yards?

Choose targets that you can reach easily. Aim for zones as a function of the club you’re holding. Rather than taking a sand wedge and aiming at a dandelion 125 yards away, line up with a pitching wedge to reach a zone 30 metres in circumference 100 yards from you.

Because short irons are precision clubs, you should never drive using more than 65 per cent of your strength and range. In addition to reaching your target zones more often, your swing will be more stable, coordinated and harmonious. It will become more consistent and you will feel less excessive tension in your hands, arms, neck, shoulders and…face.

Practising with short irons increases awareness of the body and the club in movement and improves the rhythm, speed, amplitude and consistency of the swing.

Have fun, and…good golfing!


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