Chagaman and his goldmine

What a privilege it is to meet unusual people! Sparkling, inventive, generous and a man of conviction, Gratien Richard is one of these.

Fan of naturopathy

In 2019, this man from France landed in Saint-Félicien, in Lac-Saint-Jean, to do studies in natural environmental technique. A job at the Morgan farm led him to the Laurentians.

Inspired by the farm’s co-founder, the late John Bastian, who used to treat himself using natural products including chaga, Gratien’s inclination towards naturopathy intensified. He left to seek his goldmine, the Laurentian forest.

Responsible picking

From a camper, the nomad harvests chaga which he resells in the Mont-Tremblant markets. This mushroom/fungus, rich in nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, has exceptional qualities. It is harvested responsibly: only the mature mycelium is gathered and a piece is left on the tree to regrow.

An artisanal production

It was thanks to Gratien’s brother’s visit that the project aiming toshowcase the valueof chaga came to fruition.

The search terminated with the combination of kombucha and chaga.

Today, a variety of delicious fermented sparkling beverages with a base of black tea and chaga is available in bottle or barrel in several unusual flavours: maple, blueberry, apple, maté, boreal spices, coffee and even hops.

I strongly suggest you give them a taste trial. Each flavour has its own story and all products are made from organic ingredients. In his home in Saint-Rémi-d’Amherst, Gratien shares space between family life and a plant for undertaking artisanal transformation.

Export, why not?

Chagaman is the result of shared, collaborative efforts where volunteers swap work for bed and board… an exchange of knowledge that works for both parties.

Chagaman collaborates closely with local retailers, but the international markets also show interest, particularly those of China and France. Chagaman currently offers capsules of chaga and reishi, and soon he will offer pills that will allow people to make their own sparkling beverages.


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Marie-Stéphane s’est lancée dans l’aventure agricole en 2015, alors qu’elle décida de laisser libre cours à une étonnante intuition; celle de produire du safran. Cette nouvelle safranière, baptisée Safran des neiges, représente depuis lors une fabuleuse aventure pour cette jeune entrepreneure passionnée. Elle partage avec nous ses coups de cœur agricoles du terroir laurentien. / Marie- Stéphane launched herself into agriculture in 2015 when she decided to follow a surprising intuition: the production of saffron. The new saffron farm, named Safran des neiges (Saffron of the snows) has, since that time, been a fabulous adventure for the passionate young entrepreneur. She shares with us her agricultural favourites in the Laurentians terroir.


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