Priceless lessons for the outdoors (Part one)

By Jeff Swystun A 1927 tourist booklet for Canada stated, “The out of doors appeals to every normal, healthy individual. We revel in the bigness, the freshness and the wholesomeness…

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Aggressive driving

Every one of us has probably lost patience at the wheel at some time. Maybe it was a slightly too slow driver in the left lane, or a too impatient…

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Safety crucial for back-to-school

The brotherhood of police officers is proud to provide this monthly column on safety. September means back-to-school for children and with that, the return of school buses to the roads…

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On the water free of danger

Sunny days spent touring our glorious lakes on a water craft is a fine way to enjoy the joys of summer. Don’t forget, though, to do so in a spirit…

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Pedestrian safety: a shared responsibility

Summer brings more people out onto our roads and sidewalks. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of the road network, and the road-safety code has numerous rules to ensure their…

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The P’tit Train du Nord: directions for use…safely!

Did you know that from Val-Morin to Labelle by way of Mont-Tremblant, the linear park called Le P’tit Train du Nord is governed by a bylaw of the MRC des…

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Protecting yourself against fraud

Did you know that March is fraud prevention month? Fraud can take many forms and can affect both the consumer and the seller/retailer. However, protection mechanisms do exist to counter…

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Frozen lakes and rivers: be careful!

Our beautiful Laurentians are known for their lakes and rivers and Mont-Tremblant fits right into that picture. In winter, the stretches of ice allow for all kinds of fun, but…

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Laws that protect your privacy

The practice of sexting, which is sending and/or receiving nude or very intimate images, has grown in recent years. It’s obvious that this way of seducing someone or spicing up…

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Recreational use of cannabis

What you need to know In October 2018 the Cannabis Act became law, thus removing the product and its derivatives from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (previously known as…

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