The pandemic and my money

It’s been nine months now, and we’re still in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. The unique situation has created financial and emotional stress for some and opportunities for others….

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Teaching financial literacy

One of the biggest blocks to teaching our youngsters about financial basics is that we simply don’t feel qualified. Let’s face it, nobody taught us, and unless you’re one of…

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The next step

Okay, so now that our little 10-11-12-13-yearold has a job, or made a job, and created some regular income, what’s next? Reinforce, and re-invent the three-piggy system (Save, Spend, Charity),…

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The first job

While I was brainstorming with my daughter to find an idea for this month’s column, she launched into the following. “First, we’ve got to tell them about jobs that kids…

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Financial education in the time of social distancing

I sincerely hope that all of you are safe, healthy and as happy as can be expected during these unprecedented times. I must admit, I have been finding it difficult…

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Getting interested in interest rates

I’m a naughty writer. I promised sales and bulk shopping strategies, but my heart wants to follow-up on last month’s bank account and interest intro. If you were looking forward to…

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Improved risk management

As you accumulate financial assets, managing them becomes more complex and demands more of your time…to the point where you ask yourself if it wouldn’t be wise to give the…

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Bank accounts for kids: what, when and how

Firstly, may your boots stay warm, and the powder be light and plentiful. As you may remember, we had ascertained that one of the three piggy banks – “Save” –…

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Financial resolutions for this new year

A good number of us adhere to the annual ritual of making resolutions. Taking care of oneself usually tops the list. But why not decide, as well, to improve your…

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The New Year’s resolution to change your kid’s life

Looking for a New Year’s resolution that’s easy, fulfilling, and will change your kids lives forever? Tell them about… the “Magical Things”: the few things in life that usually go…

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