Eating well in the Holiday Season


Ah! The fabulous Holiday Season – when consuming too much food and alcohol is almost inevitable – is coming up fast. As you probably know, it’s not always easy to strike a balance between delicious treats and weight management. Happily, there are some tips to get you through this festive time of year without sabotaging your weight or your health.

1. To avoid arriving at dinner famished and having a problem keeping control, I suggest you stick to a food routine during the day. Keep having your meals and snacks about every three to four hours apart.

2. When you‘re dining with friends, ask your host if you can serve yourself, so you can manage your portions to suit your appetite. Serve yourself a smaller portion than usual, as you know there will be lots of other things to eat and you want to taste everything.

3. Take advantage of the slower pace of these meals to savour every bite, and pay attention when you feel full.

4. Alternate consuming alcohol with big glasses of water (flat or sparkling) or mocktails (alcohol-free drinks, not too sweet). Aim for one alcoholic drink per hour at the most. That way you’ll avoid abuse and that “morning after” feeling.

5. Instead of cutting out foods and holding back, choose the pleasure of adding different foods and really tasting them! That way you’ll be choosing quality over quantity.

6. Take the time to cook: leaf through your cookbooks, discover new nutritional foods, and reuse your leftovers as ready-to-eat frozen meals. You’ll have a tasty, easier January!

7. And because stress and lack of sleep increase the appetite, try to rest and anticipate planning some physical activities between the preparations and festivities.

Enjoy yourself and…Happy Holidays!

Need a little help to optimize your food routine? Don’t hesitate to contact me via the Clinique Mouvement Optimal: 819 425-8889.


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Titulaire d'un baccalauréat en nutrition de l'Université de Montréal, Ariane est nutritionniste depuis 2008. Voulant approfondir ses connaissances sur la performance athlétique, elle a obtenu un diplôme de spécialisation en nutrition sportive avec le Comité International Olympique (CIO). Elle est aujourd'hui nutritionniste du sport chez Vivaï et à la Clinique Mouvement Optimal de Mont-Tremblant. Toujours en quête de dépassement, elle combine sa profession à sa grande passion : le snowboard alpin. Elle connaît la réalité des sports élites, ayant été elle-même une athlète membre de l'Équipe Nationale de Snowboard et Olympienne des Jeux Olympiques de Sotchi en 2014. Ariane has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the University of Montreal and has been a nutritionist since 2008. Wanting to expand her knowledge of athletic performance, she obtained a diploma specialized in sports nutrition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). She serves at Clinique Mouvement Optimal de Mont-Tremblant as well as Vivaï as sports nutritionist. Always in search of personal and professional advancement, she combines her profession with her greatest passion: alpine snowboarding. She understands the realities of elite sports, having been a member of the Canadian National Snowboard Team who participated in the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

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