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The Ville recently did a compost-sharing day, giving out the compost produced by their “Bac Brun” program. Great initiative!

The David Suzuki Foundation says that 18 per cent of methane emissions come from organic decomposition in landfill, but that organic matter does not have the opportunity to give back to the soil, as it would in… your garden! For yard waste, how you compost depends on volume and available space.

Bigger property? A two-bay structure can be easily made with (repurposed, so it’s a Win!) pallets. No tools? It’s a little redneck, but you can use cable ties to hold it together. A mid-sized solution is to buy a subsidized backyard composter from the Ville ($30). For small amounts, the brown bins are available to everyone. Kitchen waste can go into any of these.

Or check out the pricier, but much less messy, countertop option called the Food Cycler. They are available from Vitamix. The 2L hopper can take kitchen waste, including meat and bones. Twelve quiet hours later, bingo: dry compost out, and straight into your garden. No stinky bin, no animals, and it uses very little electricity. The town of Nelson, B.C., has used them with excellent results.

For your yard waste, please, if you can’t be bothered to compost, at least just do us all a favour and do not bag it; throw it in the woods! As for your kitchen waste, now you have no excuse.

Look at you, saving the planet!


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