Learning to fly

I’ve never given a moment’s thought to attending a yoga session. Like many, I have always harboured the impression that you needed to be: (a) uber-flexible, (b) skinny as a rail, (c) in touch with your inner Zen (whatever the heck that is) and, (d) willing to pose in uncomfortable positions for extremely long periods of time. Bonus points if you were a vegetarian.

Getting comfortable, being uncomfortable

Although my idea of a fun workout is hoisting heavy barbells, as I entered my 60s I thought it was time to get outside my comfort zone. And what better place to start than with yoga…but not just any yoga, though: aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga incorporates a silken hammock suspended from the ceiling and fuses stretching exercises, Pilates-based core moves, interesting aerial challenges, strength training, balance and posture work. It is not necessarily a beginner’s class – but it sounded like fun.

Learning to fly

It did not disappoint. One session at Karma Shala Yoga, and six decades of misconception were blown away. There were all shapes and sizes, ages and levels of fitness in the class. Everyone was warm and welcoming.

Being present and in the moment was all that mattered as the focus became centred on simple movement and each and every breath. After an initial warm-up, and some posture and core work, it was not long before the whole class was swinging from the ceiling and then hanging upside down.

Guided by Rivkah Rachel, an amazing woman whom I believe could talk a monkey into a successful moon landing, my first yoga experience was nothing short of joyous.

Outside my comfort zone

Each month I am going to try a different fitness experience. Sometimes it will be scary – and sometimes it may seem silly – but it’s all about trying something new. Join me as I gallivant through Mont- Tremblant, one fitness adventure at a time.


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Cathy Bergman est devenue athlète de façon inopinée à un âge relativement avancé. Elle nous montre qu’il n'est jamais trop tard pour retrouver la santé et la forme. Cathy Bergman is an accidental athlete who found health and fitness late in life. She shows us that is never too late to get healthy and fit.

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