Landscaping and maintenance for condo owners and others

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Whether you just moved here, have bought a weekend place or are changing to a different property, we’re glad you are here! The landscaping (and possible maintenance) must have influenced your decision, right? It makes a huge difference to curb appeal.

The quality of the initial installation, and how fellow owners and your board have chosen to approach the maintenance since, are the factors that will influence what you see outside. In a co-property, your management company will generally see that the maintenance (or at least the grass care) is taken care of. Private property? You may well have more to manage than you’re used to! Have a good look around, either way.

Green spaces are dynamic. Plants grow (or don’t!); walkways get tired; trees get bigger; there’s shade; there are deer…. These are all things that can be managed with a bit of foresight from a competent landscaper. A realistic budget with an allocation for ongoing upgrades should be part of your plan. Establish who is going to take on the “grey zones”: parking, driveways, transition areas. Is it you, or your property manager? Communication is key.

Whether for maintenance or new installs, pay attention to drainage. The results of oblivious, ignorant, or short-sighted budget cuts became very clear during the catastrophic 25- year rainstorm in late June. Shoddy construction with iffy grading, or places that had allowed their drainage to become blocked, now find themselves literally paying for it… not to mention the current inconvenience and future insurance bills.

These days a good landscaper will be very busy. To be become a client, you might be the one who needs a reference! If you look around and think you want to change things, reach out soon to connect with a good company. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what you want to do yet, starting the process now will allow you to book time and establish the perfect balance of form, function, and budget.

Welcome to the neighbourhood. Enjoy your new place! With a little care, it’ll love you back.


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Laura Scully


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Diplômée de l’Université de Guelph en horticulture, Laura Scully est cofondatrice et copropriétaire de Northland, entreprise tremblantoise d'aménagement paysager maintes fois primée. Elle partage son savoir horticole avec les lecteurs du Tremblant Express depuis 2009. / A University of Guelph graduate in horticulture, Laura Scully is the cofounder and co-owner of Northland, the Mont-Tremblant landscaping company that has won so many titles and awards. She has been sharing her knowhow with Tremblant Express readers since 2009.


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