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Your interest in golf shouldn’t be motivated by just one performance, particularly in the beginning. If it were that easy, I believe very few people would play, because very few golfers play well when they first try. If you have the desire to improve, your ambition will motivate you to get past your initial limitations.

Whether your first experience was pleasant or not, whether you were “good” from the beginning or not, don’t talk about success or failure. If your progress is slow or nonexistent, don’t define yourself by your past performances but rather, by your expected love for the sport. If you really like golf, you’ll take the take the time to improve, and that will give you a new and deeper interest in the sport.

You have a lifetime to learn to play golf. Give yourself time and face as many elements as possible to promote your development. You never want to limit your options when you ask yourself what level of expertise you want to achieve. The more you experience new knowledge – new ways of being and doing – the more you’ll discover new kinds of help and the more your interest, curiosity and progress will be piqued. We often believe we like something we had a talent for from the beginning.

But why miss the pleasure of persevering with an activity that requires more involvement and effort and increases your personal satisfaction once you’ve found it? You’ll be fine as long as you accept a learning process that starts with “not the least inkling”, then moves through “starting to understand”, to arrive at “Aha! I get it!”

That way, you’ll keep progressing at the same time as you enjoy practising the game of golf.


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